Welcome to Missy’s Literary Reviews and Musings!¬†

I am Missy.

11154786_10153823462999745_5020039728104890828_o (1)
Jesus follower, wife, busy homeschooling scout mom to 3 children
(Jayden who is 13, Dakota who is 11 and Nolan who is almost 8)
Teacher, bibliophile, football fanatic, self-proclaimed nerd, crafter, and an extroverted introvert.

I have loved books my entire life. As soon as I learned to read, I devoured any and all books that I could get my hands on. I never leave home without a book.
Books have given me an escape, a lifeline, an outlet for my own head. Books have shown me there is an endless, beautiful and amazing world beyond my front door just waiting to be explored.


If asked “what do you love most in life?” Books would be my answer.
They have given me a place that I could call ‘home’ when I felt like I didn’t have one. They have given me hope when I felt like there wasn’t any. They have given me information when I felt lost. They have given me quality snuggle time with my children. Books have brought me happiness and good memories.


I definitely have a list of my favorites and books that I will read again and again. I truly do just love books. I read all kinds of different genres. It is rare that I do not ever finish a book, even if I don’t particularly like it or it’s not something I would typically read.
There are a few books that I will never read because of my faith and beliefs, but for the most part I am open to just about anything.

As I embark on this new adventure, I hope to dig up some undiscovered favorites, meet some new friends and travel to new countries.


I hope as you take this new journey with me, you will find an escape, a lifeline, or an outlet. I hope that you can learn to love books *maybe* as much as I do.

So grab a cup of coffee or tea, snuggle down in your comfy chair, put your feet up and sit with me as we explore the endless, beautiful and amazing world that is out there within the pages of our books.