Monday Musings



Just the word books brings a smile to my face. It fills me with a sense of happiness, love, hope, nostalgia, memories and freedom.

1a :  a set of written sheets of skin or paper or tablets of wood or ivory
c :  a long written or printed literary composition
3:  something that yields knowledge or understanding
4a (1) :  the total available knowledge and experience that can be brought to bear on a task or problem

So many definitions for a simple, 4-letter word.

Within that simple word, magic happens. Stories unfold. Knowledge is discovered. A single book can become so much more than just “a set of written sheets of skin or paper”. A single book can provide answers, entertainment, adventure, understanding, compassion, empathy, comfort, support, and an escape.

I grew up in a dysfunctional home. There were many days and nights that I wished for a different life; that I wished I could be somewhere else than right where I was. “A set of written sheets of skin or paper” provided so much more for me then that.
Books provided me with an escape from the here and now. A place where I could feel loved and at home. A place where I could find family and friends to call my own. Books became my lifeline and was one of the main reasons I was able to survive.

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.”
~Charles W. Eliot~

When I started having my own children, I wanted to share that experience and that same feeling with them. I started reading to each of my babies while they were still in the womb and I’ve never stopped.
I don’t get the opportunity to read out loud with my 13 year old as often as I would like, but I do still occasionally find time to sit down with him and read an amazing book that we both enjoy. It is a time that I know we will both cherish and remember for a lifetime.

Continuing to read aloud to your kids shows them that books are important through all ages and stages of their lives. Love and learning happen when a parent takes the time to read books with their children throughout their life at home; not just while they are a small child and they can still fit in your lap.

They will cherish the knowledge, the memory and the extra time you took to spend with them. They will thank you later for it, even if they grumble and roll their teenage eyes at you. 🙂

“Reading should not be presented to children as a chore or duty.  It should be offered to them as a precious gift.”
~Kate DiCamillo~